Candle Trail Stop Loss EA for MT4

Check out the Candle Trail video below. I placed a sell order on EUR USD 1 MIN Chart.

The robot trailed the sell order by placing stop loss at the highest high of the last 5 candles. Setting allows you to customise the candle lookback and also add an offset value. Best practice here is to study the currency pair, if its a volatile pair like GBPJPY or GBP USD then a higher lookback period is prefered. Second would be the timeframe you are trading- on lower time frames use a higher look back period and for smaller timeframes (H1,H4,Daily) use a shorter lookback period.

You can change the settings to find the last swing high or low.

You can make it yours for a discounted value USD 19.99

Loss Protector expert advisor for MT4

Trade freely ! Loss Protector expert advisor stops any loss making trade for you “automatically”.

All you have to do is to define the max loss on trade as a percentage of equity.

1. Copy the LossProtector.ex4 file to your experts folder
2. Drag the expert to chart
3. Select allow DLL
4. Select the percentage loss per trade (5 for 5% of equity)

Volla ! you are all set! The EA will close any trade that generates a loss greater than 5% of equity.

Can be used on multiple charts. Only for $9.99

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 15.36.03

Loss Protector